In a notable discovery, Arkham Intel, a leading blockchain intelligence platform, has identified $25 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) reserves held by Coinbase, the prominent US-based cryptocurrency exchange. This revelation puts Coinbase at the forefront of the Bitcoin landscape, positioning it as the largest Bitcoin entity in the world alongside the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto. The uncovered reserves amount to nearly 5% of the total Bitcoin supply. Coinbase Emerges As Top Bitcoin Holder Arkham Intel’s comprehensive analysis has successfully tagged over 36 million Bitcoin deposits and holding addresses associated with Coinbase. Remarkably, Coinbase’s largest cold wallet alone contains around 10,000 BTC, serving as a testament to the scale of their holdings However, Arkham Intel suggests that Coinbase’s actual Bitcoin reserves may extend beyond the identified addresses. Based on Coinbase’s recent financial reports, it is highly likely that the exchange possesses thousands more BTC that have yet to be tracked and labeled. Moreover, Arkham Intel’s platform reveals that Coinbase holds substantial amounts of other cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin. The US-based exchange is reported to possess approximately 1.68 million ETH (Ethereum) valued at around $2.69 billion. Additionally, Coinbase holds 68.59 million LINK (Chainlink) tokens, estimated at $471 million.