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Who we are

We are Global FXS, a MultiShore Group company and one of the most innovative Copy & Social Trading platforms in the world - proud to be one of the most transparent with the finest professional and expert traders.

Simplify the trading experience and make it accessible to all

We offer a smooth and simplified Copy Trading experience with exciting options like Traders, Combos and Investment Baskets across multiple instruments including Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Stock CFD's Forex, Commodities and Indices.
Our vision is to become the world's largest social trading community on the globe, offering customer-focused investment solutions and an open environment, where traders on a global level can connect to any trading platform and share their knowledge.

Our competitive advantage
  • High-end trading platform with a wide range of financial assets.
  • Some of the most advantageous trading terms and investment opportunities on the market.
  • Analytical trading services.
  • Convenient for both experienced and novice traders.
  • Helpful high quality tutorials.
  • Efficient and highly professional client support staff.
  • Quotes from leading world news agencies
  • Tons of assets
  • Compliance driven process
  • Workforce management
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At Global FXS...

We've thought of everything down to the smallest detail. On the road to creating a world-class trading platform, we feel that it is our priority to offer the highest quality services and support, including professional level tutorials, analytical services, and client support.

We know how important the quality of the trading platform is to a trader's success. That's precisely why Global FXS places such emphasis on a high level of service and a wide spectrum of intellectual offers. In addition, the broker dedicates a huge amount of attention to the professional preparation of beginner traders, while at the same time providing for the highest level needs of the most sophisticated traders in the market

Global FXS works with clients all over the world, guaranteeing the most advantageous terms and providing high quality access to the world's financial markets. We build our collaboration with our clients in the form of a conversation: we want to find out your needs and comments, and what you would like to get from working with Global FXS, and we want to hear it directly from you.

Our collaboration with our clients is completely transparent, while our high-tech service allows traders to see the actual picture of the world's financial markets, and to evaluate your risk objectively. Global FXS is certified by the IFC and all of the risks of our clients are insured in accordance with the current laws, which makes us one of the safest trading platforms in the world. All of this gives us and our clients the highest level of mutual trust and makes for a pleasant investing climate at Global FXS.